patented ez release ratchet buckles

Ratcheting Cargo Bar®Series
Ratcheting Cargo Bar® patented cargo bar is a great way to stabilize cargo on trucks. Ratcheting Cargo Bars® unique cargo bars are designed,manufactured, and patented by Yeu Yueh. When ready to go, securing your cargo is very important for your safety. Yeu Yueh super hot sale ratcheting cargo bar® super cargo bar works perfectly for pickup trucks, SUV and mini van. Using best cargo bar to stop shifting cargo now. 
Retractable Tie Down Series
Retractable tie down is a big hit to tie-down industry. Retractable ratchet straps have simple and smart retractable ratcheting system, unused webbing is stored in center so it does not flap in wind or get damaged. The main mechanisms are heat treated. Yeu Yueh provides variety of retractable cargo straps for customers to choose for their loco market.
EZ Release Ratchet Buckles series
Yeu Yueh 3rd generation of ratchet tie down system, EZ Release ratchet buckle. The EZ Release ratchet buckles has solved traditional ratchet mandrel gets stuck problems. With EZ Release ratchet, end users can easily pull out webbing by just two fingers. Yeu Yueh has all types of EZ Release ratchet buckle series. Also, we have 304 stainless steel EZ Release ratchet buckles for marine tie down purpose.
Yeu Yueh Fully Computerized Stamping Factory
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